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Thank you for taking a little time to review our new website! If you would like to sign the guest book please do… or not… that is your choice. It is always your choice with us. We never pressure anyone to into anything. With 40 years of experience we love to educate our potential customers and honestly let them know if they really need that new roof or windows after all. We are here for your needs!

Going Green!

Most of our competitors do not have an interest in saving you money. There interest is making them money. Why not?…they’re in it for the business offering all sorts of “Deals” They may say things that are full of money saving promises like “special deals’ on windows installations or buy 4 windows get one free. All they are doing is marking up the initial prices and passing the cost on to you making it sound really great! There are endless “Deals” going on out there. But how many of them are really trying to help you save on energy? Almost none… and they don’t want to sell you insulation either, because of the extra labor involved, they arn’t making the quick buck!

Are you planning to side your home? It is the most opportune time to add insulation. Once the siding is done there is no going back… unless you plan on residing in the near future. The slight additional cost far outweighs the rising fuel prices over the long haul. Please read this great blog by GreenBuildingAdvisor.Com for more information!