About Us

My name is Richard Harrow, and I am the owner of Better Siding Solutions. I’ve been in the home improvement business since the 1960’s. Starting with aluminum siding, asbestos siding then vinyl siding. Over the years we developed a custom made aluminum window and door trim system which allows us to install up to 2 inches of polyiso insulation (the best insulation in the market place inch for inch.) Before applying our siding, insulation is measured in R values. The higher the R the better the insulation factor.  Our premier job of R13 is more than 8 times our competition. Most of those who use 3/8 foam with R Value 1.5.  This more than doubles the R value of the exterior walls of your home. Covering the 25% of your home that has no insulation where the studs are sand preventing a problem called Thermal Bridging.

We have a no pressure sales system.  Our first call we go over all of your options and give you our suggestions.  You can get 3, or 4 estimates for the siding job of your choice, then call us back, and we add the price of our energy package and benefits. We explain the benefits, leaving it up to you to be the judge.  The more insulation the faster the job is paid in full by fuel savings. Savings will continue for the remainder of the homes lifetime. Please feel free to contact me for further inquiries so you can start saving on your heating costs today

A simple thing like adding insulation to your siding job can save you thousands over the years. Give us a call so you too can start saving –  (603) 426-3037

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