If we could save you about $1200 a year on home energy costs for a typical two story residence, would that interest you?

The more insulation you have the lower you fuel bill will be. We install insulation values up to 8x our competitors before re-siding your home.

  • Fuel saving up to 50%
  • Average payback 100% ROI
    within 12 years
  • Tried & proved system
  • Warmer home in the winter
  • Cooler home in the summer
  • Continued savings for the
    life of your home
  • Increased home value from more efficient heating
  • Minimize the Effects of
    Rising Fuel Prices (See below)

Keep it Simple!

The Problem: The skyrocketing costs of home heat fuels!

The Solution:  

Better Siding Solutions is one the few vendors uniquely qualified (Our Profile) to offer a game-changing solution. We will do what others refuse to do, or do NOT know how to do! Don’t take my word for it: See What Others are saying about Retrofit Opportunities 

Better Siding Solutions can customize your home to look great and save energy for the life of your home without any high-priced “specialized” siding. The energy savings will provide 100% return on your investment, and continue to save you thousands of dollars in energy for the life of your home.

We will show you facts and details on how this is possible, and how much energy you can save.
Because we insulate before installing siding, we can use any type of vinyl siding (shake shingles, clapboard shingles, panel length up to 25 ft, and an insulation factor of R13, more than 2.5x that of insulated siding, which is limited to certain styles and lengths.

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